Top 10 Things to Know When Renting an Apartment in Luxembourg


Renting an apartment in Luxembourg can be a tiresome experience if you don’t understand about the local residential property market.

Our list consists of the top ten things to know when renting an apartment in Luxembourg. This can be especially helpful if you are an expat trying to find an apartment in Luxembourg.

Things to know when renting an apartment in Luxembourg

  1. There isn’t a huge selection of apartments for rent in Luxembourg. The selection is limited, and the demand is ongoing. As a result, it’s not uncommon for people to choose the first available apartment they find, and that matches their broader criteria.

  1. Sub-letting in Luxembourg is not common. Most landlords only rent to individuals or families instead to two or more friends. The reasoning behind that if one or more leave, the person left won’t be able to cover the rent.

  1. The tenant gets to cover the house insurance. There is no way around this as this is regulated by state law.

  1. The Union of Luxembourg Consumers is the go-to place if you need further advice on the matter of apartment renting.

  1. All of Luxembourg’s landlords are obligated to have an energy performance certificate. They don’t only need to own this document, but they also need to provide you with a copy of this certificate.

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  1. Luxemburg’s property laws are pro-tenant. That means it not easy for a landlord to evict a tenant. There is only a handful of circumstances under which the tenant can be evicted. In case that happens, the landlord is obligated to give the tenant a three-month notice and pay a penalty fee.

  1. Luxembourg may be a country with pro-tenant laws, but landlords tend to cover themselves by adding clauses in the rental contract. In a way, that evens the playfield between the two parties. At the same time, it is noteworthy that both parties, the landlord and the tenant, can add their clauses.

  1. In case the building doesn’t include a concierge, tenants are obligated to monthly or weekly cleaning duties.

  1. Before signing anything or making any commitment, the potential tenant needs to provide all or some of these documents:
  • Copy of their ID or passport
  • Proof of income and/or employment
  • Recent payslips
  • Employment contractor

Therefore, it is for the best to keep the documents at hand. One should always be suspicious if the potential landlord doesn’t ask for any of those documents.

  1. Most apartments are rent unfurnished as the furnished ones tend to come with a way higher rental price tag. Sometimes, tenants can make an offer to the previous tenant and buy their furniture.


Whatever the case, before signing the rental contract, the tenant needs to sign an inventory of all the things in the apartment that also includes its overall condition. In most cases, both the tenant and the landlord make the inventory together. On rare occasions, there is a third that helps out with the inventory.